Episode 13

Published on:

22nd Jun 2020

Queen of Prefab

Amy Marks is Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism for Autodesk Inc, an American multinational software corporation. Before joining Autodesk, Ms. Marks, known as the Queen of Prefab, was the CEO of XSite Modular where she pioneered a path to becoming the world’s preeminent prefabrication consultant. Marks defined the language and process that has been adopted by companies, countries and builders around the world to enable prefabrication. Her work at XSite focused on large scale adoption involving primarily tech-focused clients. This led her into Critical Infrastructure projects such as data centers and small sub-sea cable landing stations..

In this #NomadFuturist podcast, Marks shares the fascinating story of her career path and how by “being where no one else is” she acquired the skills that allowed her to achieve success. She credits her experience as a rugby player “ I’m going to go the shortest distance possible to get what I want” as being a foundational experience in her development.

She also discusses her challenges as a female executive having to operate in male-dominated industries and the ways these experiences have shaped her.

Marks ends by encouraging newbies in the workforce to focus on acquiring skills that will further their career and to insist on their own authenticity as they follow their path.

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